Interviews with attendees

Digital Rail Revolution gathers industry-leading figures to learn about new technology and share best practice. We spoke to both delegates and speakers to investigate the trends, threats and technologies that are impacting the railway sector…

urban railway line

Driving forward rail innovation with data and communication

Global Railway Review spoke to Richard James Thomas, UKRRIN Industrial Fellow in Data Integration and Cybersecurity at the University of Birmingham about how the sector can drive innovation forward by communicating with each other and keeping the railways relevant by using data to deliver good passenger experience....

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How railway’s past can help develop its future

Andrew McLean, Assistant Director and Head Curator of the National Railway Museum, speaks to Global Railway Review’s Editor, Craig Waters, about the importance of telling the story of railways’ past, present and future, and how the museum’s redevelopment aims to encourage the next generation of rail engineers....

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Galar Diego

“Rail’s digital revolution cannot be stopped”: A Q&A with Diego Galar

At Global Railway Review’s Digital Rail Revolution 2019 conference, Diego Galar, Professor of Condition Monitoring at Lulea University of Technology, spoke to our Editor, Craig Waters, about the importance for the industry to understand the role of data analytics, rail’s vulnerability concerning cyber-threats, and what he thinks is still a challenge for the industry in […]...

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